Don’t leave your career to chance.

Why waste time and money on the wrong path when my Four Step Career Discovery Programme provides you with the most in-depth careers guidance around?

Career guidance like no other.

Struggling to choose the right career? Worried you’re already on the wrong
path? Or just need a little reassurance that you’re heading in the right
Whether you’re currently studying, recently graduated or already working, I’ll
help you choose the career you’re most suited to, with a tailored approach that
identifies your values, interests and skills.

The Chairs of the Education, Skills and the Economy Committee say the government is “burying their heads in the sand while career guidance fails young people”. So I’ve created my own programme, entirely personal to you.

My intensive four-step programme includes an internationally accredited psychometric questionnaire and an extensive one-to-one consultation to uncover more about you than other Career Advisers ever could.

You’ll receive a detailed report showing your most suitable career options, with a step-by-step guide to achieving your ambitions. Your future will no longer be left to chance. Instead you’ll have a tailored career plan.

And it doesn’t stop there. I can help you hunt for the perfect job, show you how to create a killer CV, and teach you how to prepare for interviews so you secure the job of your dreams. You’ll be more employable than ever.

“With the increase in the retirement age, you could be working for 50 years, saddled
with £50,000 of student debt. My programme gives you more confidence in
choosing a degree or job, saving you time and money in the long term.”

Freddie Talbot

Freddie Talbot

Find out more about the leading independent Careers Consultant in the North of England.

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My Four Step Career Discovery Programme

Step 1

We begin with a questionnaire to identify your interests, values, motivations and
skills, showing what you’re passionate about and what makes you tick.

Step 2

You’ll then complete a psychometric questionnaire accredited by the British
Psychological Society. This focuses on your traits and personality.

Step 3

We’ll have a one-to-one consultation for up to 2 hours, where I’ll talk you through my analysis of the questionnaires and discuss potential career options with this analysis in mind.

Step 4

You’ll receive a detailed report containing suitable career options based on my findings, along with a comprehensive action plan so you can get started immediately.

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