The Programme

"Make the best-informed decision for your future with the most in-depth career guidance around. You’ll save time and save money"

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Most career advice is generic. But my Four Step programme is personalised entirely to you. I will uncover your true potential using a series of questionnaires and discussions before giving you a detailed report and career action plan.

As the core service I offer, you can guarantee it’s designed to get results. And as I only see a limited amount of people each week, you’ll receive a truly unparalleled level of career guidance.

Four Step Career Discovery Programme

Step 1

The programme begins with you completing a questionnaire about yourself, so I can understand your interests, values, motivations and educational history.

Step 2

Next, you’ll complete the OPQ32 psychometric questionnaire, accredited by The British Psychological Society. Described as “at the top of the first rank of personality questionnaires”, it focuses on 32 traits in Thinking Style, Relationships with People and Feelings & Emotions.

There are no right or wrong answers, but your responses will form a picture of your preferences and traits so I can analyse which careers you’re most suited to.


Step 3

We’ll have a one-to-one consultation discussing your results from the previous two steps. I’ll present you with the suitable career options based on my analysis.

Step 4

After the consultation, I’ll follow up with a detailed report of my findings from the psychometric questionnaire, a summary of your consultation and the career options discussed. You’ll receive recommendations on the best way to get started in your new career.

For more information on psychometric questionnaires, please read my What is a Psychometric Questionnaire? blog post.


When the time comes to look for a job, I can also help you with job hunting, writing an engaging CV, and interview preparation so you’re in the best place to land your dream role.

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