Why do I help people with their career choice?

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I have a passion. A passion for helping people. A passion for helping mentor local university students. A passion for helping volunteer for Victim Support to support those who have been a victim of crime. A passion for helping refugees with their CV’s when they first arrive in England. And a passion for helping young people with their career choices.

Young people are caught on a perpetual treadmill of exams and essays through GCSE’s, A-Levels and University without stopping to breathe. From very early ages, children are asked “What do they want to do when they grow up?” creating an anxiety and a pressure to give an answer without knowing if it is the right choice.

Many years ago it was a choice of whether to go to university or not.

Nowadays, it is slightly more complicated for two critical, intertwining reasons – cost and choice.


Those graduating in 2017 will rack up £45,000 in debt whilst those who graduated only six years ago accumulated ‘only’ £16,200 of student debt. Student debt has increased at an unprecedented rate. So much so, that more than a third of UK students regret attending university according to research published by Aviva.


More importantly, perhaps, but less discussed than cost is the choice. There has never been so many options for a 17-23 year old than there is today. There are over 50,000 undergraduate courses a young person can study at university. Over 100,000 students chose to study an integrated Master’s last year whilst there was an increase of 20% of young people who decided on an apprenticeship in 2016 compared to 2010. There are more choices than ever before for young people. On the surface, a greater choice is viewed as a positive. However, there is a debate amongst prominent Psychologists, or Behaviour Scientists, that more choice leads to unhappiness and anxiety about choosing the right option and that we rarely make choices in a rational way.

The greater choice has come at a time when careers advice at colleges is not providing enough support. According to the Chairs of the Education, Skills and the Economy Committee, the government is “burying their heads in the sand while careers guidance fails young people”. In addition, a recent report by The Guardian states more three-quarters of young people have not been told about apprenticeships and other vocational routes by their college Careers Advisers. Whilst there are undoubtedly very effective Careers Advisers operating in schools and colleges, there also appears, in some institutes, to be a lack of adequately available information for young people to access.

Higher cost + More Choice = Greater Risk

Combining the greater choice with a higher cost leads to a higher risk of choosing the wrong option, and ultimately paying the price with regard to significant debt incurred and years wasted.

How can I help?

As I stated at the beginning of this article I declared it was my passion to help. But how can I help?

I can help by fulfilling my mission of providing the most in-depth careers guidance to young people, to work together with the young person through my extensive Four Step Career Discovery Programme and to share all their options on what they will be suited to based on their interests, motivations, values, psychometric results and our conversations. Following the programme, the young person will receive an action plan which can be put into use immediately.

During my time at previous employers’, I gained an excellent into the young person employment market whether that be university courses, graduate schemes or apprenticeships. I keep very much up to date with the employment trends and technological advancements. Society is moving at an unprecedented speed and new industries are emerging all the time. A report by the consultancy firm PwC found that 30% of jobs in Britain are under threat from breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. In some sectors, half the jobs could vanish. The most at risk industries include Financial and Insurance, Transportation, Retail and Admin & Support Services.

Don’t leave your career to chance, and let me help you make a rational choice. Email [email protected] to book onto your personal Four Step Career Discovery Programme.


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